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The three themes focus on the findings related to masculinity stratification, the dominating male and the extrinsic male within the show, “The Pickup Artist”. From these findings, it is evident that “The Pickup Artist” tells a rather clear story about masculinity in a heterosexual relationship based on a western context. At the beginning of the show, the eight contestants categorized themselves as subordinated masculinities due to their own gender identity of inability to have successful heterosexual relationships with women. They hence look to Mystery and his wingmen as hegemonic masculinities because of their success in heterosexual relationships. Through constant struggles, the eight contestants strive to attain hegemonic masculinity from Mystery by engaging in gender learning from the hegemonic males to gain gender competence. They learnt to dominate over women and display extrinsic qualities to attract women into forming a heterosexual relationship with them. It is impossible for the women to be able to accurately judge if a male has social, economic and cultural capital from the beginning phrases of the relationship. Hence, women engage in gender symbolism to judge if these men portray themselves in having social, economic and cultural capital. After being able to attract women into a heterosexual relationship through applying what was learned from the hegemonic males, the subordinated males will be able to categorize themselves as hegemonic males through their own gender identity. A quote from the show’s eventual winner, Kosmos, states this fact.

I did it! When Mystery told me I was the winner, I felt like I was no longer the old me but on the same level as him!.”

This paper serves as an important starting point in understanding masculinity in a heterosexual relationship based on a western context. Additional research can be done to focus on the success of these contestants with regards to heterosexual relationships a few years later and their effects on the society. For example, will these skills help men secure longer lasting marriages than other men? Prescriptively, a better calibrated theory of dating preferences, built on results in this report, may depict a better picture of heterosexual relationships as deeper understanding of dating preferences is an essential input for examining a number of social issues. Topics like functioning of a healthy family structure to national birth rates strongly depend on outcomes in the marriage market.

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